Anthony Vardaro

Lockheed Martin

May 2016 - Present

Career Seeker

Web app that analyzes the keywords in your resume in comparison to keywords in online job postings to provide insight on open jobs whose criteria best aligns with your skillset. Implemented in Vue, Node, and Mongo.

See the code here.


Mavscript is a UTA themed programming language written in Java. Written at HackUTA. Dependency-free, dynamically-typed and capable of handling Fizzbuzz, bubble sort, etc. The syntax is designed to reflect UTA culture.

See the code here.

SMS Pickup Lines

A bot that texts you pickup lines. Text pls to +1 (817) 760-2776. The bot is essentially a Node API endpoint attached to a Twilio webhook. Upon request it randomly selects a pickup line from either Reddit or Twitter.

See the code here.

Sneaker Bot

A bot I made for myself in high school to automatically purchase hyped shoes off It listens for tweets relating to restock or release announcements for shoes, and purchases the shoe via Java Selenium. Adidas has since patched it, so it no longer works.

See the code here.


A dank meme programming language I wrote at HackUTD 2018. It won 1st place for best hack to get young students interested in programming.

See the code here.


Made for people who organize hackathons, it's an app that optimizes the bus pickup locations for participants based on CO2 emissions. Written in JS. It's essentially a k-means implementation where k = (number of buses), X and Y are lattitude and longitude respectively.

See the code here.


  • Java
  • C, C++, C#
  • NodeJS, JS
  • SQL
  • Angular 6, AngularJS
  • Express
  • React, Redux
  • Vue, Vuex


Computer Science
Fall 2017 - Present

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